We are pleased to welcome you for our interest in OEC an organized member of ECAN (Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal), ICC Nepal (International Chamber of Commerce Nepal) and NCC (Nepal Chamber of Commerce). We connect people worldwide with learning opportunities. OEC was formed in 2003, as an independent organization, for the promotion of international education with special emphasis on supporting students to furnish their abroad study plan. We have franchise office in Perth, Australia. Its object is to provide a formal and authorized link between international education institution and student planning to study abroad. OEC believes in the success on meeting the students need by its outstanding services. Therefore, our primary goal is to ensure that students who are planning to furnish their education are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedure in a systematic manner and processing their application for admission and visa.

For entering the international universities / colleges, sound knowledge and understanding of the educational opportunities is vital. Many students require personal guidance in finding a suitable course, school, college or university. OEC will help them to make a right choice.

At OEC we ensure that students are equipped to cope with change to acquire the correct skills and knowledge in order to continue their learning and observation skills throughout their lives and to develop positive attitudes that create individual and collective commitment to standards of perfection and excellence.

"In the conditions of mordern life the rule is absolute: the race which doesnot value trained intelligence is doomed"