Entry Point

It is necessary for every international student to have their English & other testing before they join any international university/college. Therefore, we support and guide our student for the preparation of these courses. Student applying for abroad studies needs to appear for the test (such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT). Those students who want to have their admission without these test can also enroll for the course, but at the meantime before appearing on the respective course, they needs to do ESL program in the college (English as a Secondary Language Program).

Financial Aid

OEC always stands ahead for the career beneficial of the student. It helps the students with entire devotion in the abroad study plan for their success. It also helps to provide educational loans for the deserving students.

University Transfer

Students applying from the recognized university and college of different nations having transfer facilities. Such credit may be granted for the completed course work pertinent to the candidate program of study. Academic document and supplement information, attested copies of official transcript of all studies are required to submit to the OEC OFFICE. For the supplementary information students need to fill up a separate form provided by OEC.

Our Team

OEC consists of a team of educationalists and staffs who are highly experienced in caring for students and offering professional advice on a wide range of educational choices. All the staffs of OEC are dedicated to the welfare and beneficial of each student. Every staff develops a personal interest in his/her student and at all times ensures that communication with parents is regularly maintained. Regular staffs training and meetings also enhance our staff’s skills in working with students and undertaking their duties of care and communication.